4AG Robotics Inc., is a growing agtech startup located in Salmon Arm, BC. Our team is at the forefront of technological innovation in mushroom harvesting as we build robots to address critical labour shortages and build a more sustainable food future.

We are as passionate about our people as our product. We don’t get hung up on our ideas or ourselves. We work hard and have loads of fun along the way. We are problem solvers at our core, and we value curiosity, open minds, and the desire to be better.


Demand for fresh mushrooms is at an all-time high and continues to grow each year. Not having enough workers to harvest is devastating for many farms. Food is going to waste at a time when it’s needed most. We are leveraging the power of AI within our fully autonomous, vision-guided mushroom harvesting robot, to make smarter decisions and deliver better harvests.


Life in a start-up is always moving and we believe in changing our minds often to stay open to new ideas and perspectives that drive us forward into spaces and places we’ve never been. This is innovation to us. We build robots and deeply appreciate our humans. We move swiftly and expect a lot from each other. We build our work around this. We disagree with each other often and we commit to moving forward together always. We go all-out in our work and are all-in with each other.


If you are interested in a career at 4AG Robotics Inc., click the link below to learn more!