Feb 22nd, 5pm to 8pm · Kelowna, BC

5:00 PM - 5:10 PM: Opening Introduction

A brief welcome and an overview of the evening's agenda.

5:10 PM - 6:00 PM: Student Team Presentations

The event's highlight where top student teams from UBCO and Okanagan College compete. The presentations are judged 50% by a panel of judges and 50% by audience votes, fostering an interactive and engaging atmosphere.

6:00 PM - 8:00 PM: Networking, Food, and Exhibition

This segment offers ample opportunity for networking over a selection of fine foods. An exhibition featuring all participating teams, including those not presenting, allows attendees to explore a wide range of projects and ideas.

8:00 PM - 8:10 PM: Closing Remarks

A brief closing ceremony, announcing the competition winners and wrapping up the event with acknowledgments and thanks.

Ticket Pricing

The event will be in Feb 22nd, 5pm to 8pm in Kelowna BC


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  • All student presentations
  • Full dinner
  • Networking with 250+ guests
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  • All student presentations
  • Full dinner
  • Networking with 250+ guests
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After Feb 9th, 2024

  • All student presentations
  • Full dinner
  • Networking with 250+ guests
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Pictures from last year

Audience Breakdown

February 2024 · Kelowna, BC

Overall, there will be 85-90 people from Industry representing 50+ companies from all neighbouring locations in Okanagan Area.

When inviting the companies, we made sure that we have a solid representation form each major engineering industry.

When selecting student teams, we made sure that we have representatives from each engineering major offered at UBCO and OC.


OK Motorsports 1st EV

OK Motorsports is an interdisciplinary design and project management team comprised of students from various academic backgrounds at the University of British Columbia’s Okanagan Campus. Each year, we develop prototype formula-style race cars to compete against other university teams at international FSAE competitions

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UBCO Combat Robot Competitions

We aim to bring the sport of combat robotics to British Columbia by hosting yearly competitions similar to Battlebots. Students and hobbyists spend weeks engineering combat robots that will fight at these events. These competitions are excellent learning opportunities for engineering students and hobbyists, and provide exciting shows to spectators.

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LifeBulb: Living lights Powered by the Sun

Our current lighting solutions come with an environmental cost. LifeBulb offers a sustainable alternative: bioluminescent microalgae powered by sunlight and CO2. Imagine living lights that grow, purify wastewater, and illuminate our world, all while engaging communities with biotechnology. Join us in creating a brighter, greener future with LifeBulb!

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RentalHunt is an automated rental marketplace that bridges the gap between landlords and tenants, making the process of renting easy, hassle free and secure. It takes care of all aspects of rental experience from application to scheduling viewings to signing contracts as well as managing properties. Landlords have access to our conversational AI to schedule, call and interview tenant's previous references and come back with a valid score as well as blockchain technology to verify the validity of rental contracts.

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The Promise

The Promise app is a mindfulness and mental health application that offers personalized AI-generated meditations, Text-to-Speech powered affirmation/subliminal generators with background sounds, and soundscapes for relaxation and focus. It's already available on App Store and PlayStore, with over 300 daily active users and an engaging community.

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ECO - Walk

In our continuous quest to harmonize technological innovation with environmental stewardship, we are thrilled to unveil a groundbreaking product that marks a significant leap forward in sustainable living. Our latest invention, a revolutionary shoe attachment, is designed to convert the simple act of walking into a source of electricity. This innovative device not only underscores our commitment to safeguarding the environment but also promotes a healthier lifestyle through increased physical activity.

Genesis Quantitative Platforms

Genesis Quantitative Platforms is an algorithmic trading platform offering data-driven infrastructure for cryptocurrency spot trading. Genesis Synapse is our flagship product that fuses quantitative analysis with algorithmic trading to provide quantitative traders with a complete end-to-end solution for developing, deploying and maintaining fully automated trading systems for a network of assets. The platform covers the complete pipeline of feature engineering and the active management of advanced trading algorithms while leveraging complete automation and multi-asset trading at scale.

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Multirotor VTOL Hovercraft

A supersized quadcopter designed to carry a single rider, at a low altitude of 1-1.5 meters. For personal recreational use and other applications.

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HYDRA Rocket Project

We are making the first Student Built Clustered Hybrid Rocket with a Rogallo type wing as our main parachute so that we are able to steer the rocket safely back to view. The cluster is so that we will eventually be able to deploy much larger payloads like a UAV from our 8" diameter booster section.

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EMBR (Ember Monitoring Bot Rover)

The EMBR is an advanced, all-terrain rover designed for post-fire recovery, featuring thermal imaging, ground-penetrating radar, and sensors to detect embers. With caterpillar tracks or wheels for tough terrains, it uses a direct injection system and a water mist system for extinguishing fires. Enhanced with AI and real-time data capabilities, EMBR efficiently manages fire aftermath and prevents re-ignition.

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Autonomous Underwater Vehicle

We are building an Autonomous Underwater Vehicle for the Robosub competition. Our bot will be able to detect pictures and colours using machine learning, grab and drop markers and handles, shoot torpedos through targets and lastly orient and move in style!

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Parylene C bonding

Utilizing parylene C for microfluidic chip production, this method offers a pathway to efficient biological testing. It provides a societal advantage by simplifying the fabrication of microfluidic chips for non-invasive biological assessments. The primary audience includes biomedical companies and entities seeking hydrophobic channel creation techniques.


47% of food waste in Canada is generated at the household level and 60% of it is AVOIDABLE. We're on a mission to reduce household food waste. Brokol is a mobile app aimed at reducing household food waste by digitizing your kitchen. We make sure you consume your items before expiry whilst also saving time and money.

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Our capstone project focuses on innovating portable solar energy solutions. Traditional solar panels are stationary, anchored to a specific spot. Our vision diverges: we're developing a handheld, solar-powered charging station that's mobile, bringing power directly to users, wherever they may be. This prototype introduces a scalable concept for entrepreneurs to expand, envisioning larger-scale applications beyond individual use.

Web Controlled Turret

Introducing a revolutionary Nerf launcher, this device offers a unique blend of fun and functionality, all controlled through a dedicated website. Designed not just for leisure, it serves as an innovative solution for boosting workplace morale and managing productivity among employees. With an in-development security AI, it also promises future applications in surveillance. Ideal for the 'fun boss', Twitch streamers, and internet personalities seeking to engage and entertain.

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Open Droid

We're leveling the playing field in drone technology, challenging DJI's dominance by offering advanced software features to budget-conscious builders using Arduino or Raspberry Pi. Our easy-to-use software brings DJI's luxury to affordable drones, targeting DIY enthusiasts and educators. Unlike the complex Ardupilot, we focus on simplicity and affordability, planning to introduce educational software for easy computer vision implementation. Our goal: make sophisticated drone tech accessible to all, from hobbyists to schools, and eventually, offer an enterprise version for broader use.

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Solar Powered Race Car

Push the limits of renewable energy and sustainability through the design and construction of solar powered cars. These cars will be designed to be street legal, and are built to compete in Formula Sun Grand Prix, as well as American Solar Challenge!

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IEEE UBCO Student Branch

At IEEE Okanagan Student Branch we are dedicated to providing the best on campus makerspace. We have in-house electronics, and a knowledgeable team of students ready to help anyone who wants to develop their technological skills and ideas.

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IEEE OC Student Branch

At the IEEE Okanagan College Student Branch, we are committed to supporting the advancement of technical skills, creativity, inclusivity, innovation, and networking. We promote and support technology workshops featuring the latest trends and competitions, helping everyone excel in their careers.